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How to create a Truecaller Business profile

What is Truecaller Business profile?

It's a new way to let people know about your company in every detail from opening hours to the website.

It allows you to list important information about your company, and it's an excellent way to associate with your customers in a more trustworthy way.

Create your Business account on Truecaller for your landline here

What are the benefits?

  • Show your company name on caller id. Look professional when you call your customers.
  • It's free! Add important information such as address, website, email, opening hours + more.
  • Increase your visibility! Engage better with anyone on Truecaller each time they call you or vice versa.


How can I create a business account?

For new businesses, who are not already registered as an existing Truecaller user, install Truecaller and sign up with your number and select "CREATE A BUSINESS PROFILE" in the wizard. Fill in all details to make your business profile appear clean and trustworthy.


Are you a private person who wants to convert to a business profile? No worries, it's possible :)

Do the following:

  1. Tap on the 3-stripe menu (top left)
  2. Edit profile (at the bottom)
  3. At the bottom, select "Switch your profile to a business profile".

Will my business profile be verified by Truecaller with a badge?

No. Business profiles cannot receive verified badges. Coming soon.


Choose opening hours, website, email and more



Create your personal look by adding colors to your profile 



Add a tag, address and more details about your company to make it more trustworthy!




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