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Call Recorder - FAQ

Important: In some countries, it's a legal requirement to inform or obtain consent before recording a call and in certain countries, it may not be allowed. By using this feature you accept responsibility for complying with applicable laws.

Note! The call recorder feature is not supported by Android 9 and above. To read more, click here

Start by enabling the call recorder feature by going to Truecallers settings:

1. Press on the 3-line menu (top left)

2. Settings -> Call recordings -> toggle on 'Record calls' - see screenshot.


Where can I find my recordings?

  • In the Truecaller menu -> Call Recordings

Where are the recordings saved?

  • The recordings are saved and stored on your devices (folder name is "TCCalls"). Your recordings are NOT uploaded to Truecaller's servers. Truecaller does not read/process your recordings. (Google Drive support is coming soon).

Can I move my call recordings to my SD-Card?

  • No, not at the time being.

Is it possible to backup my call recordings? 

  • No, not at the time being.

Why do you need new permissions?

  • We need RECORD_AUDIO to record audio, and STORAGE permission to store the recording to external storage.

How do I know if it's supported on my device?

  • You can subscribe to our Premium package and use the 3-day trial in order to verify if it's working.
  • You cannot play or access your saved recordings if you stopped subscription within the 3-day trial period. Upgrade to Premium in order to access them.
  • Call recording should work for over 90% of current Android devices on the market. We have tested this on many of the common brands and models which are used by the vast majority of our users and are continuing on testing more as we move along. If it does not work for you, please let us know the device and Android version details and we will investigate a fix.

What OS versions and platforms are supported?

  • Android only, starting from OS 5.0 and above.
  • Call recorder is not supported Android 9 and above. To know more, click here.
  • Call recorder is not supported in Android 10. 

Which devices are not supported?
(We cannot ensure you that it will work on devices that are rooted or custom rom devices)

  • Nexus devices
  • Pixel devices
  • Motorola G4
  • Moto series
  • Motorola devices on OS 8.1
  • Xiaomi Red MI Note 5 on OS 8.1
  • iPhone devices
  • OS 9 devices
  • Samsung J7 Max

Call recording stopped after the latest Android upgrade. What to do?

Call recording does not work after inactivity?

  • Visit this page and adjust your phone power settings. Shall work after that.

Important mentions!

  • For Android 7.1.1 devices – The first 5 seconds of the call will not be recorded due to technical limitations on Android OS 7.1.1.
  • Recording via Bluetooth may not always work. It is recommended to record "ear-to-phone" for the best results. This is because some hardware does not support recording.
  • The other person will NOT know that you are recording the call
  • It's only supported on Android devices.
  • If call recording is behaving flaky, try to uninstall other call recording apps and try again.
  • If the duration of your recordings is very long, it may not be playable in the after-call screen.

(This is due to an issue specific to the device and nothing we can rectify)

  • Oppo A57
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