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Call Recorder - FAQ

Important: In certain countries, there is a legal requirement to inform or obtain consent before recording a call and in certain countries, it may not be allowed. By using this feature, you accept any and all responsibility arising from use of this feature and required compliance with applicable laws.

1. What is the Call Recording feature? 

Call Recording is a feature which enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls. You can listen to the recordings in the Truecaller app or open call recordings in your phone storage.

2. Is Call Recording only a premium feature?

No, this feature is available for all Truecaller Android users.

3. What is the permission required for this feature?

For Android 5.1 - 8 users, Call Recording requires Storage and Microphone permission. 

For Android 9 users and above, Call Recording requires Storage, Microphone and Accessibility permission. 

4. Why can't I find Truecaller in Accessibility settings?

For Android 9 and above users it is necessary to give Truecaller Accessibility permission. Permission can be found in native Settings -> Accessibility

For some devices it can be found in native Settings -> Accessibility -> Installed Services or Downloaded apps.

5. From where I can record my calls?

Call recording button will be available in Truecaller Full Screen Caller ID and Pop Up Caller ID if all permissions are granted.

6. Can I manually turn ON and OFF this feature?

Yes, it can be manually turned ON and OFF anytime. Please navigate to 

Side menu -> Call Recordings. 

7. Can I auto record my calls?

Yes, it can be enabled in the Side menu -> Call Recordings -> Settings -> Auto Record.

8. How can I listen to my recordings?

Please navigate to the Side menu -> Call Recordings. Also your last recording can be found in detail view of the person you had a call with.

9. Where recording files are saved?

Recordings are only saved on your phone in internal storage. Please navigate to the

native Settings -> Storage -> Music and Audio -> Audio files -> Search for “TC”

10. Why sometimes I can not find my recordings in the Recording List?

If multiple recordings are made per call, then in the Recording list only the last recording is visible. You can access all recordings in native Settings -> Storage -> Music and Audio -> Audio files -> Search for “TC”

If by any other reason recording is not found in the Recording list, please always try to search for it in native Storage. 

11. Can I record my calls when headphones are used?

No, for now it is not possible.

12. Will the other person know that call is getting recorded?
The other person will NOT know that you are recording the call.

13. How can the quality of audio recording be improved?

It is recommended to record a call with the speaker enabled and in a quiet place.

14. Is it also available on iOS?

No, it is an Android-only feature. It is available on Android 5.1 and above versions.

15. Which Android devices are not supported?

 (We cannot ensure you that it will work on devices that are rooted or custom rom devices)

  • Nexus devices on OS 5 - 8.1

  • Pixel devices on OS 5 - 8.1

  • Motorola G4 on OS 5 - 8.1

  • Moto series on OS 5 - 8.1

  • Motorola devices on OS 8.1

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 on OS 8.1

  • Samsung J7 Max on OS 5 - 8.1

  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite on OS 9 - 12

  • Oneplus 6  on OS 9 - 12

  • XIAOMI POCO F2 PRO on OS 9 - 12

  • XIAOMI POCO X3 on OS 9 - 12

  • XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 7 on OS 9 - 12

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help.

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