For any incoming call, the new integration allows Truecaller to automatically identify and display whether a call has been reported as spam or is from a reputable business. This greatly reduces the need to manually search for numbers of unknown calls after a call is left unanswered.

To enable the new integration ensure you have updated to iOS 10 and have the latest version of Truecaller on your iPhone. Then go to Settings-> Phone-> Call Blocking and Identification to turn on the feature.


  • Built-in dialer allows you to make all your calls directly with Truecaller.
  • Smart Call History replaces unknown numbers with real names and faces in your call history, even for numbers that are not saved in your contacts.
  • Availability shows you if your friends are free to talk before you call. Now you’ll never get a busy signal or interrupt someone again.
  • Use T9 search to find friends quickly.
  • New design and app icon to help you use Truecaller to replace your dialer.