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Discover FAQ

What is Discover?

Discover is Truecaller's product for our users to network with each other. Currently, in Truecaller, you cannot browse a list of users/profiles. (you can search by name or number only). Via Discover, users can find and communicate with each other. Note that discover is not a dating platform. We have tuned the design and text to dissuade this use case (though some users may try to use it that way).


What OS/app version is this available in?

We will launch this on Android to start. Users have to be on version 11.19 or above to see this feature.


How is Truecaller's discover different from other apps?

Truecaller aims to make this a success via the following features:

  1. Your phone number is hidden by default yet you can chat with other users. You can share your number only if you want to and explicitly share your contact details.
  2. You can browse and contact users on Discover without being on discover yourself.
  3. Presence of a lot of users from tier 2 and tier 3 cities who may not be used to networking apps
  4. Basic functionality is free, some premium hooks exist


What are the Premium hooks?

Free users get 20 boosts per month. Premium (both regular and gold) get 40 boosts per month. Boost quota renews at the beginning of each calendar month.


Things to note?

  1. Boost quota doesn't depend on type of premium ie, whether user is in free trial, got premium from referral or other means. As long as the status is premium, users get premium boost quota.
  2. If users unregister from discover service and registers again their boost quota won't get reset.


How do we deal with fake profiles?

This is a pervasive problem in all online communities and there are no good solutions. However, we have some guidelines screens to set the expectations.


How long does a boost last?

It is an implementation detail and cannot be predicted. It depends on how many new users join Discover.


Where will the users see this feature?

The option is available on Truecaller's main menu. Refer to the screenshot below: 



Which users will I see on discover?

When a user joins Discover, they are on the top of the list. Over time, as new people join, the user's position slips since new users get to the top of the list. After some time, the user will "fall off" the list and can use boost to get back in. The exact number of users who are in the list at any time is not yet decided. It will change as we go along. Right now the maximum number of profiles in a list is 100.

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