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How does Truecaller get its data?

We collect names through our partnerships with various phone directory providers globally, social networks as well as when the Truecaller community suggests names through our website and apps. Additionally, all users registering to our app will be listed. 
All this data is collected and run through various algorithms to then pick an accurate name.
Truecaller does not upload phonebooks to make them searchable or public from Google Play or Apple App Store downloads. We follow Google Play & Apple App Store guidelines strictly, which prohibits any app from doing so.
For users in certain countries outside the EU and UK, if you download the app from a source other than Google Play Store or Apple App Store or if you use our website to search, then you have the option to register for ‘Enhanced Search' functionality and thereby confirming that you have obtained consent to upload your phonebook to upload it. Enhanced Search is permission-based and is displayed to users when registering. You can switch off Enhanced Search at any time.


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