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Why does the feature say it’s active but I don’t see any Caller ID?

Caller ID is only delivered when Truecaller is able to identify who the caller is. Some numbers are not recognized by Truecaller and won’t include any Caller ID. 

Sometimes, during set up, we activate the feature but don’t receive proper forward confirmation from the carrier. This results in the Advanced Caller ID feature toggle not reflecting properly the current activation status.

  • Close and start again the app. Go to the Advanced Caller ID card in Premium tab and check if the feature toggle status is active. 

  • Verify if an unknown incoming call rings twice after you declined it first time (that means Advanced Caller ID is active) 

  • Go through the Advanced Caller ID setting process again if unknown incoming call does not ring twice 

If you are still encountering any issue please contact our support and we will help you.

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