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How do I deactivate Advanced Caller ID?

To deactivate Advanced Caller ID follow these simple steps: 

  1. Access the Premium tab from the main app menu 

  1. Opt out from the Advanced Caller ID card by changing the feature toggle status

  1. From “Deactivate Advanced Caller ID” screen, verify we have detected the right carrier and tap Deactivate

  1. From “Deactivate Advanced Caller ID” screen, call the number natively displayed and dismiss the native forward call deactivation Screen. 

  1. A confirmation message is displayed confirming the Advanced Caller ID feature should be deactivated.

Note: There is no way for Truecaller to confirm the Carrier properly deactivated Advanced Caller ID on its end. If Truecaller detects it is not, a notification asks you to proceed to deactivation flow again. 

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