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Activate Assistant on T-Mobile

Follow the directions below to manually activate Truecaller Assistant:

1. Disable your phone's Wi-Fi connection.

2. Open your phone's dialer, dial these three codes, and press the send button every time: 





3. Once the call is active press the end button. 

Note: If the message states call forwarding activation was a success then you are done. If it failed redial the activation code.


Didn't work?

You will need to temporarily disable your phone LTE to enable the service.

iPhone Instructions:

Go to your iPhone's Settings
Go to "Cellular"
Go to "Cellular Data"
Tap "Enable LTE"
Click "Off"


Android Instructions:

Go to your Android Settings
Go to "Network and Internet"
Go to "Mobile Network"
Turn off "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode"


*Only available in the U.S.

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