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Activate Assistant on Cricket

Assistant uses a feature called 'Conditional Call Forwarding' to receive your rejected calls and connect you to our system.

You need to make sure your Cricket plan includes the call forwarding feature.

I have Call Forwarding

1. Disable your phone's Wi-Fi connection.

2. Open your phone's dialer, dial *73*5595335694, and press the send button.

Note: Press the dismiss button when a notification appears on your phone. If the message states that call forwarding activation was a success then you are done. If it fails then redial the activation code.

3. Go back to the app and try to activate the service.

Didn't work? Contact Assistant support

I don't have Call Forwarding

1. Go to the Cricket website and this feature to your plan.

Add features on Cricket

*Only available in the U.S.

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