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Payment Terms

1. Subject to the terms contained in the Agreement, you agree to be bound by the payment
terms and invoicing process as specified hereunder.

2. In accordance with the Agreement, the Customer shall be liable to pay to Truecaller, and
Truecaller shall be entitled to receive, the payments in the manner as per the tariff plans and
payments terms in the manner provided below:

Payment scheme

 - Applicable charges to be billed and paid on a monthly basis for the subscribed Services upon Service activation date.

 - Applicable Fixed Charge (defined later) is to be paid in advance every month, and variable charge (if any) for the billed period to be paid in the immediately subsequent billing cycle.

 - Customer to be charged on a pro-rata basis if the Service is not used for the whole month. Any excess usage shall be charged on actuals.

 - If available, the Customer may be provided with an online payment option. If such a payment option is not available through the Service Account, then the Customer is expected to make all payments via bank transfer to Truecaller’s bank account specified in the invoice.

 -Usage of Service subject to fair usage policy as may be prescribed.

Tariff plan and billing currency

 - As per the Tariff selected by you

Billing frequency

 - Billing frequency will be Monthly.

 - First invoice to be raised around the service activation date which invoice shall be settled by the Customer within seven (7) days of its receipt.

 - All subsequent invoices to be raised at the start of every month towards advance payment of Fixed Charge for such month, and towards variable charges, as applicable, for the billed period.

Fixed monthly charges

 - Fixed monthly charge shall be as per the tariff plan selected by the Customer.

Variable charges

 - Variable charges, as applicable, shall be as per the tariff plan selected by the Customer.

Additional service charges
 - As communicated through Service Account, from time to time.

Monthly credit limit

 - As communicated through Service Account, from time to time.

3. All tariffs, fees and charges are exclusive of applicable taxes (including any withholding taxes,
other taxes or levies by whatever name called), all transaction charges (e.g., bank / forex
charges etc.), and all such taxes and charges shall be borne by the Customer. Customer will
provide reasonable cooperation to address any tax information / documentation requirement
under applicable laws.
4. Truecaller will submit the first invoice around the service activation date which invoice shall be
settled by the Customer within seven (7) days of its receipt. Truecaller will submit all
subsequent invoices on a monthly basis typically by the 7th day of the following month for the
amounts payable by Customer towards the Service for the invoiced period. Upon receipt of an
invoice by Customer, Customer may raise a dispute with respect to such invoice within seven
(7) days of its receipt. In case no dispute is raised by the Customer within the stipulated time,
then such invoice shall be deemed final. Customer shall be liable to settle such invoices within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of each such invoice. Customer shall be liable for settling each invoice by transferring the invoiced amount to a bank account specified by Truecaller. In Truecaller’s sole discretion, any delay by the Customer to settle an invoice by the due date may subject the Customer to an additional fee at the rate of 1.5% per month on the overdue amount.
5. Truecaller shall have a right to set-off, adjust or appropriate any other payments due to / from
Customer. Further, in case of any overdue from the Customer, Truecaller shall have the right
to suspend or terminate the Services.

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