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Call Recording Troubleshooting

Call Recording is a premium feature on the Truecaller app. It allows its users to record any incoming or outgoing call, and transcribes the entire call in an easy to read transcription and provides a summary of the call. This transcription is saved on your device to be viewed and listened to at a future time.

Troubleshooting Call Recording

1. Conference calls need to be enabled for Truecaller’s call recording feature to successfully work:

a. Check that your phone supports conference calls

        How to make a conference call using an Android phone:

                     i.     Dial the person you want to invite

                     ii.     After the call connects, tap the “Add Call” or + icon on the left of your screen

                     iii.     Dial or select the next person from your contact list

                     iv.     Tap the “Merge Calls” icon to join the calls


b. If the “Conference call” feature doesn’t automatically show on your phone:

  • Many telecom providers disable the conference call option. In order for our call recording feature to work, the conference call option needs to be enabled. Contact your carrier to confirm that they support conference calls and it is turned on.

2. Check your settings

  • Check that your software is up to date 

  • Long press on the phone app and press (i) and click app info then go to storage and clear the cache

  • Shut off the phone, turn phone back on and reset your LTE 

3. Ensure "Truecaller" is the set as the main Dialer 

  • In order to use the Call Recording feature, you need Truecaller to be set up as the main dialer 
  • Go to your phone settings and find the Truecaller app Info 

  • Go to the "Calling app" section and click Truecaller

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