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How do I block a number?

    On Truecaller you can block specific contacts or phone numbers, preventing you from receiving calls, messages, or notifications from those blocked numbers and it is available to all Truecaller users.

How do I block a number?

    To block a contact or phone number in Truecaller, follow these simple steps:

  • Search for the contact or phone number you want to block.
  • You will find all available information of the contact and 4 buttons: Call, Message, Report Spam, and Block.
  • Tap on "Block" to block the selected number.

What happens when I block a number?

    When you block a number, you won't receive any calls, messages, or notifications from that blocked contact. It effectively restricts communication from the blocked number.

What should I do if I accidentally block a number?

    If you accidentally block a number, you can easily unblock it in the Protect tab by tapping on the Block list or by searching for the number on the Search tab. This will allow you to receive calls, messages, and notifications from that contact once again.

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