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How can I make the community aware on Social Media about Spammers?

Truecaller empowers users to help build a spam-free community. Follow these steps to raise awareness about spammers by reporting them on Social Media.


  • Available for all Truecaller users

  • It is recommended to update Truecaller to the latest version on Appstore

Reporting a contact as Spam

  1. Open the app and Search for the contact you want to Report as spam.

  2. Tap on the "Report spam" option.

  3. After reporting a contact as spam, a screen will appear providing the option to Share this information on social media.

  4. Choose your preferred social media platform and share the details, encouraging others to be cautious of the reported spam contact.

Taking a Screenshot

  1. Open the app, Search for the contact, and take a Screenshot.

  2. A screen will automatically appear, offering the option to Share the screenshot on social media.

  3. Select your desired social media platform and share the screenshot, spreading awareness about the potential spam contact.

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