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Group Chat

How does group chat work?
  • Only IM (Instant Messaging) capable users can be added to a group chat
  • Only Truecaller users can be invited
  • Users not in contacts can be invited too (Type in the phone number through the search bar)

How do I create a group chat?

1. Open Truecaller

2. Navigate to the messaging tab and tap on "Create group chat"

3. Add participants, give the group a name (Avatar/group photo is optional)

*(Create group MMS/SMS is still available but has been moved and can now be found under the three-dot menu)


Invitation to group chat

  • It's fully possible to invite a contact directly to join a group chat from a regular ongoing conversation through the three-dot menu (see screenshot below)
  • Users can either join or reject an invitation to join a group chat
  • While in the invited state, the invitee will not be able to see any messages in the group, nor can they access the list of participants unless they join.


Is history stored or backed up? How does it work?

  • History is fetched only when you press the join button on the invitation screen
  • History will contain only messages sent to group between the moment of invitation and joining and nothing from beyond that point
  • History is only available for Groups, not for 1 to 1 conversation
  • You will be informed when everything is fetched from History
  • History will not be fetched for users who are removed from the group before they joined


Group Management


  • The owner (creator of the group): can invite, promote/demote admin, remove participants, edit group avatar and name
  • Admin: can invite, remove members (not the owner), edit group avatar and name
  • Member: can only post in the group
  • Invitee: can join the group or decline invitation

Add new members or remove them

  • Admin and owner can invite and delete members

Mute notifications

  • No sound, vibration or notification will come from the muted group.

Leave group

  • Anyone can leave the group
  • If the owner leaves - next oldest joiner becomes an admin and the new owner of the group chat



Why are some of the phone numbers visible in the group chat while others are not?

- Phone numbers that you have stored in your contacts/phonebook will be visible in the group chat and due to privacy reasons, none visible phone numbers will have to be requested for through the contact request function.

Can we make group calls?

-Unfortunately, no. We do not have group call option. 






















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