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What is Truecaller Assistant?

  1. What is Truecaller Assistant
    Truecaller Assistant is an AI powered virtual assistant that will answer your calls for you, if you enable it. The call assistant takes your call, asks the purpose of the call, and gives you the right information to decide whether or not it’s actually something you want to pick up.

  2. Is this service available for both Android and iPhone users? Which devices and software versions will it support?
    Yes, The Assistant is available on both Android and iOS.
    It supports most devices and versions.

  3. Will the Assistant automatically decline robocalls or known spam calls and hang up the phone?
    The Assistant will not automatically decline known spam calls, but you will have the option to do so if you want it. Within the app preferences, there will be an option to auto block known spammers.

  4. Can the Assistant make calls for me instead of just answering them?
    The assistant cannot make calls for you at the moment

  5. Will the inclusion of Assistant increase the size of the Truecaller app in any way? What kind of processing power would it need on the device and are there any battery use implications with Assistant enabled?
    The Assistant does not increase the size of the app.. Most of the processing will happen in the Cloud, so there is no strain on the phone in processing power or battery usage.

  6. If I send the call to my Assistant, will the caller be able to realize that they are talking to a virtual assistant - or will it just seem like a real person to them?
    Some of the callers recognize that it’s an automated service, some think they are talking to a real person.
    By default, we inform the caller that this is a smart assistant, unless the user changes this intro.

  7. Does the Assistant screen calls automatically? 
    No, a user will need to decline the call (or double click the power button when the phone is locked) to transfer a ringing call directly to the Assistant

  8. Hypothetically, could a caller keep engaging with the assistant indefinitely (if they did not realize it was virtual)? Or if I desired to keep a spammer busy for a long time, could the assistant do that for me?
    Yes, it is possible to keep the chat going with the caller if the user wants, through the real-time chat screen.

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