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What is the Voicemail feature?

Voicemail is a possibility for a caller to leave you a voice message when you can’t answer their call right away. 

2. How does Voicemail work?

When someone calls your number and you can’t pick up the phone they will hear a prerecorded voice message that will tell them who they are calling and how to leave a message. The things they say will be recorded as voicemail messages. Afterward, you will receive a push notification about a new voicemail. You can listen to it whenever you want.

3. Where do I set the prerecorded voice message?

A default message will be played unless you decide to record your own. You can do it In the Assistant Settings if you pick Voicemail as one of the call screening options. This voice message can be no more than 2 minutes, and you can listen to it before you save it.

4. Who can leave me a voicemail message?

You can decide whether unanswered calls from your Phonebook contacts should be answered by the Assistant (screened) or sent to Voicemail. Calls from non-phonebook callers and top spammers don’t have the option to be sent to Voicemail.

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