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Assistant Onboarding

To use the assistant, you need to follow a few basic onboarding steps:

1. Users need to select their carrier in order to let the assistant screen calls  

2.  You can select from the following assistant voices: 

  • Professional and Polite - Male & Female 
  • Warm and Friendly - Male & Female 

- As you click each voice, you can preview how it sounds. 

3. You will see this screen on the next page to allow for Microphone Access and Notifications. Click the bottom checkbox to continue.

4. Activating the assistant is the final step. To activate call screening the user needs to call the forwarding number used for the

assistant. When the user taps Activate, a call is initiated to ensure that the assistant can work properly.

5. On the Iphone you will see this page. Tap the number to call the forwarding line. This will initiate the call forwarding 

on the phone. 

6. Finally, if the call forwarding process is successful, you will see this page! 

7. The final confirmation! Signifying you're good to go


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