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How do I report Spam?

Report Spam allows you to report a contact as spam, helping us improve our spam identification and blocking capabilities and it is available to all Truecaller users.

How do I Report Spam?

    To Report Spam, follow these easy steps:

  • Search for a phone number in Truecaller.
  • You will find all information available about the caller, with four buttons: Call, Message, Report Spam, and Block.
  • Tap on "Report Spam" to report the selected number as spam.

What information can I provide when reporting a number as spam?

    When you tap on "Report Spam," an additional screen will appear, allowing you to provide the following information:

  • Call Type: Specify if the call was Business or Personal related.
  • Suggested Name: Suggest a better name for the spam number (optional).
  • Comment: Write a comment and let the community be aware of the spam number, which can be either public or private (optional).
  • Type of Spam: Select the type of spam from options like Survey, Robocall, Political, Fraud, or Sales.
  • Block Number: You can also choose to block the number.

Is there any benefit to providing additional details like a comment or a suggested name?

    While providing a comment and suggested name is optional, it can help us better understand the nature of the spam call. This information can be valuable in enhancing our spam identification.

Can I unreport the numbers I've reported as spam?

    Yes, you can manage the numbers you've reported as spam. You can choose to unreport by tapping Not spam if needed.

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