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How does auto-update of the block list work on iOS?

Robocallers and Spam callers constantly change their phone numbers to avoid being detected easily. To block them and ensure that you have a superior experience, we update the block list in the app once every day. Truecaller will try to update the block list automatically. If you suspect that it is not happening, here are a few things you can check.

  • Check if you have purchased Truecaller Premium. Auto update of the block list is a Premium feature. A non-premium user needs to manually launch the app and update the block list regularly.

  • Check if you have allowed Truecaller to send you notification messages.

  • Don't force-quit Truecaller. If you force-quit the app (by double-tapping the home button and swiping up on the app), then iOS prevents background updates from happening until you relaunch the app.

  • Enable Background App Refresh for Truecaller. You can find this setting in iOS Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

  • After restarting your phone, you'll need to launch Truecaller. On iOS, it's only possible to allow apps to work in the background if the app has been launched at least once after restarting.

Assuming you've allowed Truecaller to send notifications, the app will notify you if it hasn't been able to update in more than 24 hours. When that happens, launch the app by clicking on the notification and it will immediately update its block list.

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