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Spam calls are not identified or blocked? How can I block them?


Truecaller has two types of blocklists and it's only possible to block one of them. Note that spam calls with lower spam score will most likely not be flashed on your screen as they would not be included in the top spam list (created for you by us) which is based on your country and region.

The two spam lists:

1.) Activate "Top spammers" (possible to block):

  • Open Truecaller
  • Tap on the profile avatar (top left)
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on 'Top spammers' and enable it. A contact named "SPAM" should now be created to your contact book. Your screen will flash in red when a number in that list is calling you.

    How do I block them? Navigate to your contact book > SPAM > Edit > Choose "Block this caller" at the bottom. Important, you'll NOT know if the person has called or texted. The block function is iOS own.

2.) The CallKit list you activate in 'Call Blocking & identification' settings (not possible to block):

  • Navigate to your Phone Settings
  • Tap on 'Phone'
  • Tap 'Call Blocking & Identification' and toggle on Truecaller. This list cannot be blocked like the "SPAM" contact. We do the best by warning you so you can decide to pick it up or not.  


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