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How to use Truecaller to automatically block spam and fraud calls

Truecaller’s Android app has advanced block options for making sure that you don't receive spam or fraudulent calls. To get the most out of Truecaller here is how you set it up:

Set your level of protection: 

Off - This level is the lowest level of blocking. No spammers will be automatically blocked however Truecaller will still identify all calls for you and show if the number calling is a spammer or not. 

Basic - With this level Truecaller will block the worst spammers in your area/country automatically. Truecaller will also add offline protection to your device so you will be able to block spam calls even if you at the moment of the call don't have data access. On top of this, Truecaller will continue to identify calls and show if it's a spammer or not.

Max - This level will give you the highest protection. Truecaller will block all calls labelled as spam or fraud. This means that we will not distinguish between if the number spams a lot or a little, if the call is considered to be a spammer Truecaller will block it.

Along with the maximum protection, you will also receive an extended offline protection for the worst spammers in your area country. The offline protection is also automatically updated on your device. As of today, the maximum level of protection is available to Truecaller Premium users only.

It’s super simple to get started, just select the level of protection you want!

The offline protection containing the worst spammers in your area/ country will be automatically updated for Truecaller Premium users. Non-premium users are still able to use the offline protection but have to manually update the list to keep it updated with the latest information.

Advanced blocking

Truecaller also offers a set of advanced block options that work in collaboration with your block level. 

Hidden numbers - When enabled Truecaller will automatically block all hidden numbers that are calling you. 

Numbers from foreign countries - When enabled Truecaller will block all calls coming from countries outside of your own country. 

Numbers not in phonebook - When enabled Truecaller will block all numbers that you haven't added to your phonebook. 

Manual options

If you still think the Block level and advanced blocking aren’t enough we got you covered. Truecaller offers several manual block options that will allow you to customize your block setup. 

Phone number - You can manually add phone numbers that you want to block in Truecaller. Just enter the number you want to block and hit the “block” button. No more calls will bother you again from this number. 

Name or word - Want to block a specific phrase or name? Just add it to your blocklist and these numbers will be blocked. 

Country code - If you don’t want to receive phone calls from a specific country you can add that country to your blocklist. Once added all calls from that country will be automatically blocked. 

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