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How do I search directly from my call log?

If you are using iOS 9 & above, Truecaller provides a shortcut to lookup phone numbers directly from your Phone app, without opening the Truecaller app. To use it, you must install Truecaller 6.0 or higher and use iOS 9 or later. Then follow these steps to activate it.

  • Open your Phone app iOS_phone_icon.png and go to the ‘Recents' tab Screen_Shot_2017-09-12_at_10.48.34.png.
  • Tap the 'info' icon Screen_Shot_2017-09-12_at_10.48.22.png on an unknown number.
  • Tap 'Share Contact'.
  • Tap 'More' to enable the Search icon.Screen_Shot_2017-09-12_at_10.48.12.png

Now you can just tap the “Search Truecaller” icon to see the result.


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