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Fraud Insurance (iOS)

What is '“Fraud Insurance”?

Truecaller has rolled out the Fraud Insurance feature in collaboration with a 3rd party vendor. Fraud insurance will give users up to ₹10,000 stolen funds reimbursement for call/SMS fraud on your Truecaller number. Available only for non-business/professionals.

Is this feature available worldwide?

No, at the moment, it's exclusively available in India on both Android and iOS platforms.

How can I get “Fraud Insurance”?

New users - Please purchase Premium/Gold yearly subscription.

Existing users - Users with Gold yearly subscriptions will get this feature automatically when they upgrade to the latest app version.

Do I need to pay extra to get “Fraud Insurance”?

No, if your plan includes this feature, you don't need to pay any additional price.

Do I need any documents to register for “Fraud Insurance”?

Documentation is not required during the registration process.

What are the eligibility criteria to register for “Fraud Insurance”?

Indian residents, aged 18 or older, including foreigners, who have an Indian phone number regardless of SIM card ownership, as well as Indian residents traveling abroad for a short duration.

How can I register for “Fraud Insurance”?

Once the free trial period ends, individuals who have access to this feature can register for insurance directly from the "Fraud Insurance" card on the Premium screen.


Do I have to register for fraud insurance again each time my TC subscription is renewed?

No, your insurance is associated with a TC subscription. Therefore, your insurance will be renewed automatically when your TC subscription is renewed.

What is a Fraud insurance policy period?

From the insurance enrollment date to the TC subscription end date.

What happens to the fraud insurance if I transfer my subscription to another number after it was activated on the old number?

Your insurance will be transferred to the new number, and you'll need to update it in the partner portal. You can update your number from the "Fraud Insurance" card on the Premium screen.

How do I raise a claim?

You can raise a claim from the "Fraud Insurance" card on the Premium screen  

How many claims can a user submit (in one year)?

Multiple claims can be raised as long as their cumulative sum doesn't exceed INR 10,000/-

Is the Fraud Insurance policy transferable?

No, this is a non-transferable policy.

Can I cancel my “Fraud Insurance”?

Fraud Insurance is tied to your TC subscription, and it will be terminated if your TC subscription is canceled.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding policy or claims?

You can visit the self-help portal of the insurance partner from the "Fraud Insurance" card on the Premium screen.

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