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Why does Truecaller access clipboard on my iPhone?

Why does Truecaller access Clipboard on my iPhone?


How many times have you copied a phone number from a web browser, an app, or even your phonebook looking for who's number that is? Truecaller lets you easily identify a phone number, by letting you paste a number into Truecaller. For this reason, Truecaller accesses your iPhone's clipboard.


How does Truecaller use the clipboard data?


Truecaller looks at your iPhone clipboard only on your device (and text is never sent to our servers). If a number in the clipboard data is not found, the app does nothing with it (all information is discarded). Essentially, it’s just the phone number that the app looks for, nothing else.


Learn more about other ways to search numbers in Truecaller on your iPhone.


Note, it is enabled by default and can be disabled in the settings (open Truecaller > Menu > Settings > Clipboard search) 

This feature is temporarily unavailable in Truecaller iOS app v12.

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