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My name isn't showing up as I wrote it in my profile.

If you’ve recently updated your profile it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for your details to be updated.

It’s also possible that your phone has locally saved the old information. We suggest that you either clear the search entry of your number in the app or if you have an Android device:

Delete search entry in call log:

  • Search your number and click on the contact view ( i ).
  • Choose 'View Call History' and tap on the Trashcan.

Clear cache of Truecaller:

  • Go to your Phone settings
  • Apps
  • Truecaller (storage) > Clear Cache and then try again. What is cache memory? It's information the phone locally save, but also automatically clears after a short while.


Note, we'll automatically deny profiles which contain names such as "Private number or Unknown name” or anything that might be considered vulgar.

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