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Truecaller for Web

What can I do with Truecaller for Web?

Truecaller for Web massively expands your messaging experience with truecaller. You can:

  • Access SMS communication on your computer.

  • Have a convenient user interface on the desktop.

  • Take easy advantage of your keyboard and mouse.

  • Use your nice big display for texting.

  • Manipulate content easily.

  • Improve your daily routines by integrating Truecaller for Web - working in one tab and texting in the other, on the same computer.

How can I start using Truecaller for Web?

On your Truecaller app on Android.

Navigate to Messages tab -> overflow menu -> “Messaging for Web” and follow instructions on the screen.

In your desktop web browser.

Navigate to and follow the instructions.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the communication between web and android clients is fully encrypted. Your SMS messages never get stored on our systems, only mirrored on the web client via secure, encrypted channels.

With whom can I communicate using “Truecaller for Web”?

With anyone - be it other Truecaller users or just anyone with whom you exchange your SMS messages. The variety of transports opens up big possibilities!

I don’t see a feature I am familiar with in my Truecaller app on Android on the “Truecaller for Web”. What can I do?

Truecaller for Web is a very new feature which is still under development. We are aiming to enrich your experience with it as soon as possible, we will keep adding features with time, stay tuned!

Can I be notified about incoming calls on Truecaller for Web?

Yes! We have built-in Call Alerts right from the start to our web client.

What kind of messages can I send using Truecaller for Web?

You can use almost the same variety of message types available in your Android Truecaller app: SMS, Truecaller Chat, Urgent Messages. MMS is not supported yet.

I found an issue or want to submit feedback. How do I do that?

If you are logged in to Truecaller for Web, navigate to Settings (click on your avatar), then go to “About” and finally - “Send feedback or report an issue” and follow the instructions.

I can’t log in. All I see is infinite spinner

Try clearing data on your Truecaller app on Android and try again.

When my computer wakes up from sleep, Truecaller for web is not getting updated.

Try reloading the webpage.

When I send a message, it fails to send.

You are likely experiencing a connection problem with the Truecaller app on Android. Please check if your device is online. Try opening the Truecaller app (so it will be in the foreground) and try again.

I am not getting notifications.

Please check if you have allowed notifications for the Truecaller for Web webpage. Also, in some cases, browsers act aggressively and will suppress notifications if there may be too many.

I am not able to see MMS messages.

MMS messages are not supported on Truecaller for Web at the moment.

I am not able to see or create Group Chats.

Group chats are not supported on Truecaller for Web at the moment.

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