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Can my number be shared if someone searches for my name?

It is not possible for a user to get your phone number through a name search without your permission.

You will get a notification when someone wants to contact you, after which you can choose to accept the invite or deny it.

This applies if you have selected ’Requests only’ in Truecaller > Menu > Settings > Privacy. If you are not a Truecaller user or if you are using a phone that does not support this feature, your setting is ’Requests only’ by default.

Screenshot for Android. Click on the profile icon -> SettingsSetting_icon.png > GeneralSetting_icon.png > Who can see my Truecaller profile?

Screenshot for iOS. More iOS_more_button.png > Settings Screen_Shot_2017-09-12_at_18.21.40.png> Privacy.

Android                               iOS

General_settings2.png           iOS_TC_Setting.png

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