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Live Caller ID is not working - Huawei

Battery Optimization (Huawei Devices):

To optimize Truecaller settings for better performance on Huawei devices, follow these steps:

  • Go to Native Settings.

  • Search for "Battery Optimization."

  • Select "All Apps."

  • Search for "Truecaller."

  • Select "Don't allow" and click "OK."

Display Over Other Apps/Draw Over Other Apps:

  • Open the native Settings app.

  • Search for "Apps" option.

  • Under that, you will find another "Apps" option.

  • Search for "Truecaller."

  • Select "Draw over other apps" option.

  • Allow the "Draw over other app" option

These steps should help you optimize the Truecaller app on your Huawei device. 







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