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Call Reason feature

1. What is the Call Reason feature?

Call Reason is one of the most demanded features by our user community and here we go. This is a feature, where you can let people know why you’re calling them.

2. Why should I use this feature?

This feature is quite helpful to increase your call pick-up rates and you can let your customers and friends know why you are calling them. Many times, when you want to reach out to your customers and friends for important information over the phone and  It has been observed that your call remains unattempted or ignored most of the time. However, If you use the Call Reason feature and add an adequate reason along with your call, there are high chances that your call will be picked up.

3. How can I see Call Reason when someone calls?

If a Call Reason set by the Caller, It should be displayed over Call Alerts and Caller ID. It works for both Pop Caller Id and Full Screen Caller ID.


4. If I miss a call, can I still see Call Alert in After call screen?

Currently, It does not support it, we are working on it and you can see it soon.

5. How can I use this feature? 

There are two ways to use this feature: 

For all the outgoing calls (Settings -> Calls>Choose a reason before the call) 

For a particular call only/On-Demand (Profile view -> Call Reason)  

For all the outgoing calls

If you are a heavy or power user and you want to add Call Reason to all of your outgoing calls, then you should enable this feature by visiting Settings. You can Add up to 3 Reasons.

Once this setting is enabled, you will always see a Reason Picker before any outgoing call made by Truecaller. You can choose one of the Reasons set by you earlier. If you don’t want to set Reason then you can also Skip it. You can also hide it to be added to a particular person. Further, you can manage your hide list in the settings. 

If you do nothing on Reason Picker, It will be auto-skipped and will initiate a normal call just like a usual case.

For a particular outgoing call only (On-demand)

If you just want to try this feature out for any contact or you just want to use it sparingly, then you can use it any time from the Profile view. On the Profile view, you will find a small icon.

You can either choose a reason from the pre-defined reasons or you can set a custom reason for your choice.
Screenshot_2020-10-13_at_5.26.52_PM.png Screenshot_2020-10-13_at_5.27.00_PM.png

   On-Demand Call Reason for a call                Call Reason for all Outgoing calls

6. How can I manage the Call Reasons?

If you initiate calls from the Profile view (On-Demand), you can not change pre-defined Call reasons, however, you can set your custom Call Reason before making a call every time. 

If you have enabled Call Reason for all outgoing calls, you can visit Settings -> General-> Call Reason to manage your listed call reasons. You can edit/delete/update them at any time.


7. Can I use emojis in Call Reason?

Yes, you can.

8. Why Call Reason is not being shown to Callee, even I have set it along with my last call?

There could a couple of reasons, why Call Reason is not being displayed 

  • Callee might be on the older version of Truecaller, which does not support this feature 
  •  Callee might be on iOS, where this feature is not available as of now.
  • Any tech failure.

9. I have enabled Call Reasons for all my outgoing calls, however, It does not show me Reason Picker all the time, why?

 It may happen when the recipient is on iOS or on the older version of Truecaller. Reason picker does not appear for unsupported users.

10. Does it work If I call someone outside of the Truecaller App or I use my Native Dialer instead of Truecaller?

No, It works only when you initiate a call from Truecaller.

11. If I don’t want to receive a Call Reason from a particular contact, what should I do?

Yes, It is possible, you can block that person. However, you won’t be able to receive any calls, or messages from that person too.

12. Can I turn this feature Off If I don’t want to receive a Call Reason?

We are working on this. Soon, you will be able to do so.

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