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What is 'Who searched for me?

If you received a notification saying "X search appearances recently", it means that someone on the Android platform searched for your public profile by entering your exact number (Truecaller global search).

  1. How can I get “Who searched for me”?

           Please upgrade to Connect or any other higher Premium plan, and activate the feature from: 

  • The “Who search for me” card on the Premium screen

  • The "See who searched for you" in the notification 

  • Go to your profile screen and tap "Who Searched for Me


  1. How is “Who searched for me” different from 'Who viewed me'?

“Who searched for me” only occurs when someone searched for you by entering your exact number. But didn’t see your profile. 

“Who viewed me” occurs when someone sees your profile. Accessing the profile might have been issued from a search. But you will only receive 1 notification.


  1. Can I disable the “Who searched for me” notification when I search others’ profiles?

Yes. Enable 'Search Profiles Privately' from “Settings” -> “Privacy Center” or from the Premium screen 'Who searched for me' card. 
Other users won’t see you searched for their phone numbers. 

  1. How often do I get “Who searched for me” notifications?

“Who searched for me” notification is sent once a week if anybody has searched your exact number on the Android platform within the last 7 days

  1. Someone searched for me but I didn’t receive “Who searched for me” notifications. Why?

  • Profile searches are not shown if a contact in your phonebook has searched for your exact number. 

  • We generate only one search per person even if a user searches any particular contact multiple times in a day. 

  • We consider profile searches on the Android platform only

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help.



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