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Permissions required at the time of registering your number on Truecaller

In order for Truecaller to function a few permissions are mandatory to grant while some are optional.


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Needed permissions:

  •  Allow Truecaller to access your phone call logs & allow Truecaller to make and manage phone calls:
    Required to provide you with live caller id and to use Truecallers smart dialer.

  • Contact access: To use our dialer/contact app. It's also needed to know if you have the contact in your phonebook in order to show caller ID when a call comes in from a number that is not stored in your phonebook.

Optional permissions:

  • Receive/Read your text messages (SMS or MMS): Required to identify the sender. We never look at the content, only the number in order to identify the sender.
  • Full network access: Required to communicate with Truecaller servers and perform searches.

  • Location: This is required in order to share location via SMS/Chat, but more importantly, to regionalize the top spammer list.

  • Camera: 

    1.) To attach pictures as MMS/Chat
    2.) To take photos and videos
    3.) To scan bills with our 'Scan and Pay' feature or scan numbers for number lookups

  • View network and Wi-Fi connections: Required to check if the device has an active connection.

  • Receive data from the Internet: Required to receive push notifications.

  • Microphone: Required to use call recorder feature or send audio clips

  • Directly call phone numbers: Required to perform calls directly from Truecaller.

  • Read phone status and identity: Required to detect EVENTS like incoming calls, answering calls and 
    ending calls.

  • Reroute outgoing calls: Required to perform caller ID search on outgoing calls

  • Modify phone state: Required to block calls and SMS from spammers.

  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: Required to save the PROFILE picture together with the ones of the other found people.

  • Disable your screen lock and prevent the device from sleeping: Required to show the Caller Id window during INCOMING calls and to receive push notifications when the device has the screen locked.

  • Modify your contacts: Required to save/edit contacts in the phone book.

  • Notification access to Truecaller: required to read the notifications. Enabling this permission allows us to provide you with information about unknown numbers in WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

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