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What is Truecaller Gold?

Truecaller Gold is an annual paid subscription, where you get:

  1. Gold Caller ID 
  2. No Ads 
  3. Advance Spam Blocking 
  4. Call Recording 
  5. Who search for me 
  6. Who view my profile 
  7. Incognito Mode 
  8. Assistant Voicemail


Now possible to upgrade from Premium to Gold!

  • When upgrading, you may get less than 365 days of Gold. You will get the number of days left from the current Premium package.
    For example: If Premium expires in about 1 month, then you will get approx 1 month of Gold as it's cost much more. This calculation is not done by Truecaller, it's how the process of upgrading to a more expensive subscription on Google Play works.

Having trouble with the Gold package?

Q: I have 'Gold' but the person I called does not see Gold caller ID. Help!

  • The user has to be on the latest version in order to see the gold caller ID
  • Caching of the older information which updates by itself after a few days (this can be manually cleared in 'Phone settings > Apps >  Storage > Truecaller > Clear cache)

Q: Can I cancel the Gold Plan: 

  • Gold is our top-most subscription, it does not come with a trial period, cancellation or refund.  



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