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What is Truecaller Gold?

Truecaller Gold is an annual paid subscription, where you get:

  • Shiny gold caller ID so you can stand out from everyone else
  • Who Viewed My Profile (possible to view in private mode)
  • No ads on Truecaller
  • High priority customer support help
  • Gold Badge next to your profile picture
  • 30 contact requests/month


Now possible to upgrade from Premium to Gold!

  • When upgrading, you may get less than 365 days of Gold. You will get the number of days left from the current Premium package.
    For example: If Premium expires in about 1 month, then you will get approx 1 month of Gold as it's cost much more. This calculation is not done by Truecaller, it's how the process of upgrading to a more expensive subscription on Google Play works.

Having trouble with the Gold package?

Q: I have 'Gold' but the person I called does not see Gold caller ID. Help!

  • The user has to be on the latest version in order to see the gold caller ID
  • Caching of the older information which updates by itself after a few days (this can be manually cleared in 'Phone settings > Apps >  Storage > Truecaller > Clear cache)



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