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Ghost Call

1. What is Ghost Call?

Ghost Call is a feature where you can schedule a call simulation on your phone to get out of an awkward situations or boring meetings.

2. Is this a premium feature?

Yes, Ghost call is a premium feature.

3. If someone uses my number to schedule a Ghost call will I be affected in any way?

No, since this doesn't trigger any real communication with the contact selected.

4. Do Ghost calls cost money or cellular data to place?

No,  since this doesn't trigger any real communication with the contact selected. 

5. Are Ghost calls saved in call log?

No. Ghost call just fakes an incoming call, there will be no trace of it in call logs or else where.

6. Do Ghost calls trigger caller id, call alerts, after call screens?

No. Ghost call just fakes an incoming call, and doesn't show caller id, call alerts, call recording , after call screen like a real call.

7. When a ghost call is ringing or ongoing, can I continue to receive real calls on my phone?

Yes. Ghost call won't interfere with the receiving of regular calls or blocking of spam calls.

The only interference Ghost call has is that it puts the device in silent mode when a Ghost call is triggered or ongoing. This is a feature of the product, we don't want the user pretending to be on a call to be caught when the phone rings on getting a real call. After the Ghost call finishes we revert the ringer settings to what they were before.

8. Is this feature available for all versions of Android?

The feature is available on Android version 7 and above.

9. What happens when I schedule a call after 30 mins and lose premium before the Ghost call is triggered?

The call will be triggered as we check for the premium status only while scheduling the Ghost call.

10. What are the debugging steps when the feature doesn't work?

a) Make sure "Draw over other apps" permission in granted to Truecaller. 

b) The App needs to be running in the background 

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