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How Truecaller leverages social graphs to improve your Caller ID

What is a social graph?

A social graph is a graphical representation of relationships between two or more callers, where relationships are drawn based on calling activity over a period of time.

How will it benefit me?

Truecaller always tries to provide valuable information in the caller id to give you an informed choice whether they should answer or not. A social graph enables us to understand how unknown numbers calling you might be connected to you. We do this by measuring the number of mutual connections you and that number share together. We can then use this information together with the pickup rate history of these numbers to present a recommendation that this might be someone you might know, it is a call that you probably should not answer. 

Does it use my phonebook data?

No, we do not use any of your phonebook data to calculate our graph, nor does Truecaller upload your contact information. The social graph database is constructed by analyzing call patterns for incoming and outgoing calls our users make or receive over a period of time. 

Can I opt out? 

Yes, as a registered Truecaller user you are able to opt out from being a part of the social graph. To opt-out, open the app go to settings > privacy center, and turn off the switch for permission to let “Truecaller analyze your call patterns to improve spam detection and provide additional information on incoming calls."

If you reside in an EU country and your app version is 13.43.5 or below you can either upgrade the app and then opt-out through the settings menu or contact our support.


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