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Fraud Warnings

1. How do I turn off Fraud warnings?
If you wish to stop seeing Fraud warnings, you can disable them from Settings > Messaging > Message ID and select "Manage preference" and turn off the toggle for “Fraud”.

2. What if a sender is wrongly “Marked as Fraud”?
You can always unmark a sender as fraud by clicking on the "Mark as safe". On clicking “Mark as safe” we consider the sender to be legitimate and remove any restrictions on actions for both the sender and their messages. We also consider this as feedback and use it to continuously improve our system.

3. Will I stop receiving any future messages from likely fraud senders if I delete all messages?
Selecting "Delete All" will erase all the existing messages from the specific sender. But, it will not prevent any future messages from the same sender.

4. Can I report a sender or message as Fraud?

To report a sender as fraud, follow these steps: Click on the sender's name to access their profile, then select "Block" within the profile. A feedback pop-up will appear, where you can scroll down to the "What type of spam was it?" section and choose "Fraud."
To report a message as fraud, tap on the message and click on “Send Feedback”. In the feedback popup click on “Message is spam” and then choose “Fraud”.

5. Why am I still seeing fraud warnings even after blocking a sender?
Although you may have blocked a potential fraud sender in the past, you may still receive an SMS notification for messages from these senders from other SMS applications. Unlike Truecaller, other SMS apps may not provide any alerts or warnings, so Truecaller will still show fraud warnings to alert you.

6. Why am I not able to take action on messages from some senders?
This only happens on messages from senders that we have identified as ‘potential fraud’.To ensure your safety, we have taken measures to turn off any action on messages from such senders. Clicking on links or contacting numbers provided by potential fraudsters could make you vulnerable to scams and fraudulent activities.

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