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Family plan FAQ

  1. What is a Family plan?

A new premium plan that allows sharing of Truecaller Premium subscription with up to 4 additional accounts/users.

  1. What features are available with the Family plan?

It has all the features of Connect plan along with family sharing capability.

  1. How many users can be added to the Family plan?

At max, up to 4 additional users can be added to the same Family.

  1. Who can be added to the Family plan?

Truecaller Family plan can include

  • Non-premium Truecaller users

  • Non-Truecaller users 

  • Member from the same country as the family owner (based on phone number)


  1. Is the Family plan supported on both Android and iOS
    The family plan can only be purchased on Android at this point.. 

Android Premium Family owners can add iOS users to their Family plan. 


  1. In which country is the Family plan  available?

Family Plan is available worldwide except in the United States.


  1. I am already a Premium user. Can I still buy a Family plan?

If you are a Connect plan subscriber then you can upgrade to the family plan from the Premium screen. 


  1. If I own or I am a member of a Family plan, can I see the activity (call log, messages…) of other same family members?

No, we do not share any personal details between the same family members except names and phone numbers used during invite flow. Your own call log, messages or any other activity details are never shared with other members. 


  1. If I am a member, can I decline the Family plan invitation?

No. By default, the user who has got the invitation will become a member of a Family plan. 


  1. Can I remove members from the Family plan?

From the app, you can not remove the member added to the family. Please get in touch with the TC support team for this.

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