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How do I use Truecaller in my Android device?

There are many amazing features in Truecaller to learn about. We will try to give you an overview of the functions you'll need to know about first. 

When you open Truecaller you'll see 3 bottom tabs: the call tab which you'll see first when opening the app, message icon on the left and Contacts icon on the right.


Message tab:

The messages tab is used to send texts in a new smart way. It's not just a regular messaging function but it includes all of the identifying and blocking features that Truecaller offers. It blocks spam SMS for you, identifies senders and even has other amazing features like un-sending a text.


Call tab:

The next tab is the Call tab. Here you can call through Truecaller, see your call log enriched with Truecaller data such as names and photos, block calls, do fast actions like swipe to call/text and even see your contacts availability.


Contact tab:

The Contact tab is to scroll in your contacts so you never have to switch apps to make a call.


Search for messages, calls and history:

At the top of the call and message tabs you can find the search bar where you can search for numbers.


Block settings:

And on the right you'll find the block sign (shield icon) where you can see how many calls and texts Truecaller has blocked for you, change your block settings and add numbers and number series to block.



You'll find the settings menu on the left (three lines) where you can edit your profile, settings and buy Premium/Pro.


Hope that clarifies how it works and let us know if you have any other questions.

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